Interpretation Support

Red Cross offers a team of Skilled Interpreters and Cultural mediators (available languages: Arabic, Farsi, Kurmanji, Turkish (Turkey), Urdu, English and Pashtu) accompanying beneficiaries to have access in public services in the urban area of Athens. All our interpreters are trained on:

  • Cultural mediation & Interpretation Skills
  • Greek public Health System
  • Health terminology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Detection of protection cases
  • Stress management
  • Information management
*This training package is available for all the interested actors, free of charge. For further information please don´t hesitate to contact us. 

How to request an accompanying interpreter?
  • General appointment (previously scheduled):
            Username: ExternalUser
           Password: EU$er1
  • Emergencies, contact to this phone number:
            Fill the previous link and call immediately to: +30 694 834 7972

Request´s confirmation and Follow up. 

As soon as we process your request, you'll receive an email with credentials to access the confirmation platform. Once you get the email you'll be able to check the appointments we have given a status. In case we are still processing the request you may not be able to check it out in the platform. 
Once you've gotten the confirmation email with your credentials, these are the following steps you may take:
  • Insert the credentials we have shared with you by mail.
  • Insert in the bar your email (the one you've sent with your requests). Try to avoid spaces before and after the characters. 
  • Filter the date you want to check. for example: start date 19/01/2018 and end date 20/01/2018 in order to see the confirmations for 19/01/2018. Always adding one day in advance. 
  • For the follow up on your patient please call the interpreter (you can see the telephone number in the list of confirmations)

  • This is the glossary of our status:
    • In process - We have received your request and we are working on it. ​
    • Stand by - We may be able to cover it in the same day of the appointment
    • Cancelled - You or the patient  cancelled the request
    • No interpreter available - We are not able to cover your request
    • Duplicated - There are more that two requests for the same patients and for the same appointment
    • Language + a number. This means that you have an interpreter assigned to your request. 
Further queries or information

For further support or inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us in our office number: 
+30 694 834 79 72

Accompanied referrals office:

EHS, 2nd floor
Athanasaki Street 1 – Athens
Contact phone: +30 694 834 7972
Working hours: 09:00h –17:00h

Coordinator: Gelareh H.Karimi

Phone: +30 695 504 4612


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